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Apr. 1st, 2021

Friends only... sorry!


been 4 months since my last posting...
many things have happened. ;]    found a new job... went on vacations........ and busy as ever....
hmmm got back wages tooo!!!!!!! yaaaaaahhhh!

nothing much...

Nothing much in the past two days.

Sunday: private lesson with a new student...went extremely well!    Thai with Leah and the Ogawa's .....weeee weeeeeeee  love Thai food. 
Monday:  went to Kaiten sushi with Kate and Leah in Sanjo.  Leah went a little nuts ... shopping for souvenirs and cards.  Set out at 11 am got home around 10 pm.  Long day.

Tuesday: downloading stuff... working on applications.  I went to dump the PET bottles today, only to find that the nets/bags havent been set up.   I was going to drop them there in the garbage room and pretend nothing had happened...haahhah then Mr. Building Keeper popped in...hahahaah  He tells me PET bottles aren;t until thursday.  PFTTTT i know that.... there's just too much garbage in my apartment.  I apologized and sumimasen-ed half-heartedly and said in my simple Japanese I'd bring it back tomorrow night.  hahaahha

have to meet ALEX one of these days!   shit!
Wed: private lesson in the morning...food idioms! wooT
Thursday: hopefully pick up the printer from Leah. ;p  thanks!  Applications!
Friday:  private lesson in the afternoon.   Izakaya with the ex-students in the evening.   Hope to GOD I'm done applications by today.  At least the ones I have to courier back to Canada.  expensive! ;[  2 weeks should be enough!  I'll pop by the post-office to make sure.
Saturday: private lesson.   get cracking with the ONLINE applications. 

Why can't they make ALL applications online!  gahhhhhhh  especially if they'll be scanning most of them anyways... I assume

Nov. 9th, 2007

"The dark clouds that have been hanging heavily over us will be cast aside. I said previously 'the darkest time is before the dawn,' and finally the first light of dawn can be seen."

I'm a bit sick today... have a slight fever and sore throat. Thank goodness for med ;p


excruciating boredom.... going to work today... have 5 teachers working also.... so if i pop in... it should make the sched. easier


詞:鄭淑妃 曲:陳達偉  主唱:張惠妹

面帶微笑離開你懷裡 我聽天由命
最後一張王牌在手裡 二選一的機率
不能放縱愛你 就放過自己

愛情已經過了甜蜜期 多說也是無益
愛不愛我已經沒關係 一點小傷而已
你可以很放心 我不會為了留你 假裝

都怪我 太不爭氣 我恨我愛你
Oh~ 我愛你 只是因為你是你
Oh~ 我恨你


我恨你最後那一句 我愛你

'going through a rough patch'

Been mildly stressed for various reasons....
1) not paid........ gahh  gimmme my moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) don't want to volunteer at work   but I feel bad for some of the staff
3) need a new job
4)  working teacher's college applications.......

Re: #4 ... I'm not too confident with my chances...  think I lost my touch in academia once I entered university...   if I don't try I'll never get in... so let's try!    hmmmmm  vocal lessons.... culinery school...........   what to do?!  gahhhhhhhhhhhhh

On Sunday I decided to call in... last week I took some lesson cuts... opting to  teach the kids classes only..... UNTIL!....  they decided to temporarily close down my school, for a month.  (read: your school is doomed and we haven't paid the rent!)... ALAS....... I'm back to O8M school again.   After my topic voice with the genki housewives, they waited for me at the door.  They offered to buy me some groceries, fearing that I didn't have enough money to buy food!  Of course, I had to decline, because: 1) I'm not broke, nor poor by any means, relatively speaking (talk about other teachers with 289 yen in their bank accts,  roughly $USD/CAD2.50**),  2)  I live to eat, HELL I have foood in my apartment... a LOT of food.     Thanks ladies for offering...  and asking if I needed to 'go to shopping" with them...but I swear I told you ten minutes ago in my PREPOSITIONS voice that 'go to shopping' is.....absolutely unacceptable ... at least when I'm around >_<
On another note..........  for the HP fans out there....... Dumbledore is GAY!!!!!!!!!  bwahahahahaha  reminds me of one of those fanfics I wrote a few years ago (*wink)... and NO!  don't ask for it!

FFS!!!  *~_~ 
YAY: 1)   pay day!!!!!!!!!!!!!         2a) being transferred finalll!y!   (to be continued in BOO)
BOO:     2b)  to Kusatsu >_<   ughhhhhhhhh PUKE!

it's been a long time

I'm still around....
although  I  haven't had much to write about...   I prefer posting pictures on Facebook ....
oh well
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  fun fun fun!
all the tickets have been booked
be home soon
surprise visit ;p


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